screenshot of the website

CONS.NZ is a fan-run service that provides web hosting and convention management systems for New Zealand science fiction & fantasy fandom. Their home page had always been a low priority, and when we got to it it was simply some explanatory text and a list of conventions to date, with minimal formatting.

We used a Bootstrap theme to give the site a space-age feel. We divided it into three sections with a working menu to create an effective one page website, and added more detailed information about the conventions in a table format. Lastly, we created a customised Google Map that showed the locations of conventions, and allowed the user to see at a glance how many had taken place in each area of the country.

You can view the full site at Looking for us to add our design skills to an existing site? Want a custom Google Map which shows your locations around the country – or around the world? Get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

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