Website Development

Web Wyvern creates responsive and effective websites for small businesses and organisations, in New Zealand and around the world. With comprehensive knowledge of web technologies, and a belief that websites not only need to look good, but to be usable for everyone, by phone, tablet, or desktop, we work with you to ensure you are showing your best face to the online world.

We build most of our sites in WordPress or as one page sites using Bootstrap, but we’re also experienced in PHP, Ruby, and node.js, as well as the essential web technologies (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). WordPress has the advantage of making it easy for you to update your own content (if you choose to do so) and having a range of plugins that extend its capability. We’ll make recommendations about what will work best for your site and your needs.

When you get in touch, we’ll start by talking about which package most meets your needs, and then send you a form to gather information about what you need from a website, who your target audience is, and any existing branding or ideas you have. We’ll then send you some ideas and feedback to ensure we’re on the same page before we get to work building your new website.

Responsive Design

Today’s users expect to be able to access your site on the go – and we make sure they can do just that. For us, ensuring your sites display well on phones and tablets as well as on home computers isn’t just an optional add-on – it’s an integral part of every site right from the start. We’ll test your site on a variety of devices to ensure it not only works on all of them but looks great at any size. And if you have an existing site that’s not looking so good on mobile, we can help with that too.

Website Tailoring

Maybe you have a website already but it needs some work. Perhaps you’ve created one yourself but need someone to help you with the trickier aspects. Or maybe you have a project that doesn’t fit into a neat package, or requires ongoing work. We can come up with a solution for you that is both affordable and flexible to your needs. Check out our hourly rate and packages for more.

Collaborative Conversations

Before we start work, we’ll ask you some basic questions and then talk to you to find out who your client base is, and what you most want from a website. We understand you might have detailed plans for your website, or only vague ideas, and we can offer you ideas and options based on either. We can meet you in person in the Central Wellington and Lower Hutt/Petone areas, or Skype all over the world. If you prefer communication by email or text chat, we’re very happy to do that as well.

We can build a website for you, but we can also build one with you. Perhaps you’re comfortable editing your own content but need some help with the setup and design? Maybe you’ve built a website but want some custom features? Or perhaps you want to build it all yourself but want some advice on where to start and what tools to use? Our web tailoring service is customisable to your needs. And if you want something outside our skill sets (such as a logo, content editing, or book cover design) we’re happy to recommend other professionals who can help out.

Analytics and SEO

Every time we build a website, we run reports and make changes that may not be visible to the user, but are vital to how major search engines include and display your results in relevant searches. We’ll also give you tips on how you can improve your Search Engine Optimisation – such as use of social media or structuring of content.

Want to see how many people are visiting your website, track the success of your marketing campaigns, or understand customer behaviour on your site? See where customers drop off in the sales process or look at the effectiveness of advertising with Google Adwords? Andi holds the Google Analytics Individual Qualification and can set up and configure Google Analytics to bring you the data specific to your needs, and help you grow your audience.

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