About us

We’re a duo of experienced web developers (aided by a cat), with the skills to build not just functional, but well designed, SEO-optimised, responsive websites, to show the best face of your business in the online world.

Andi is passionate about building highly usable, responsive, and accessible websites, using technologies including JavaScript (including node.js and React), PHP, Ruby on Rails, and content management systems like WordPress. Andi is a graduate of Enspiral Dev Academy, is Google Analytics certified, and likes prehistoric creatures.

Kelly has over 20 years experience as a web and software developer, including skills in PHP, Delphi, and Visual Studio, as well as the web essentials of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. She has a BSc in Computer Science and a Diploma of Art and Creativity from the Learning Connexion and likes science fiction and appeasing the cat.

Turtle-Ann, our CEO (Cat Executive Officer), assists mainly by ensuring her colleagues stretch their legs to open doors for her, which she then looks at dismissively and refuses to walk through. She takes her payment in fish.

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